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PT-010D Wristband with quadrate watch
  * Digital watch
* Material:Cotton,Bulked yarn etc
* Size: 8*8,7*9,9*9 etc
* Logo: Printting,Embroider etc
* Color:any

PT-1260A Step Counter
  * Step counter: 0-99999
* Product size: 6.7*2.6*2CM

PT-1846A Credit card pedometer
  *Ste counter:0-99999
*Timer:12/24H mode
*Stop watch 1/100Sec
*Distance:Km or Mile
*Import uers data
*Work 360 Degrees
*Product size:8.5*5.5*0.6CM

PT-1846U 3D USB Pedometer
*Distance:KM or Mile
*USB connect PC via Soft
*PRODUCT size:8.5*5.5*0.6CM

PT-2006 Crystal Pedometer
  Step coumeter
Tmer (12/24H)
Stop watch(1/100")
Distance : KM/Mile

PT-250 LED Bulb Light
  • Made of high power LED from Taiwan or Japan
• This range high output LED bulb light are
environ-mentally friendly due to their low
• Easy to install, safe
• Low heat and superbright
• Dimentions:50X115mm

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